Tuesday, November 20, 2007

House of Hoops or House of Smoke?

So, it appears that Footlocker has got its head so far up Nike’s ass that they don’t know they missed the boat 3-years ago.

I knew that the House of Hoops stores were on the horizon, but had no clue that they’d take Footlocker more than 2-years to execute the look and the unveiling of their first store in Harlem (NYC), of all places.

I guess to the uneducated, some will say that by Footlocker and Nike joining forces and attempting to form like Voltron and opening a sneaker-boutique that is designed specifically for basketball aficionados, is a good look, while there are those that will look at it as contrived and lacking swagger.

Now, I haven’t visited the store, but I plan to in the coming weeks and I’ll give a first-hand look of what sneakers are available and the “other gear” that their peddling in Harlem USA.

Stay tuned for the mix.

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