Friday, November 09, 2007

If you've got it like that.......

If you have an extra $50k laying around and don't know what to to do with it (donate it to feed the hungry or help families rebuild their homes in Louisiana), then you can venture to ATL and place your order for a diamond studded pair of Air Force 1s called the "So Cals".

Word is that Big Boi will be the first to get a pair and he won't have to drop a dime to get them. He's getting his pair for free from Laced Up Boutique.

Ernel Dawkins, owner of Laced Up Boutique, is partnering with Rita Patel, owner of Priyya and Chintans, to have the sneakers embellished in Mumbai, India.

Word is this is just the start of something beautiful and word is that we shouldn't be surprised to see $100,000 pair of sneakers next year.

Pictures of the sneakers will be posted soon!


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