Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Air Bush

Well, look who's wearing a brand new pair of Air Jordan XX3s, a few days before they're officially released? It's Reggie Bush.

While I'm not surprised much these days to see an athlete of Reggie's caliber wearing sneakers, what's surprising is the fact that Reggie, who's signed to Adidas, was pictured in Malibu, CA yesterday wearing the competition's sneakers. Somebody messed up and I'd bet dimes to dollars that it was Reggie, himself, that made the fashion faux pas. (Never wear the competition's sneakers and NEVER mix brands....Adidas shorts and Nike sneakers!)

I guess the saying goes that when Reggie signed with Adidas in April 2006, he must have had a good attorney to have them write in a clause that he can wear other athletic footwear brands? If so, hat-tip to Reginald Alfred the second.


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