Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Footwear news: Counterfeiting in VA

To all the sneakerheads that reside in the Commonwealth of Virginia, this is specifically for you.

If you feel inclined to buy counterfeit Nike sneakers and Levi dungarees for the purpose of selling them to some unknowing dude that yearns for the crispy jeans and latest sneakers, DON'T do it in VA.

Thanks to Senator Richard "Dick" Saslaw, he was able to convince his peers to pass a new bill, voted 39-1 on Monday to broaden the scope of the state's trademark infringement laws to include bootleg products.

So, y'all in VA need to leave the fake goods to states such as NY, CA, IL, PA and FL, to name a few.

Additional Links:
WAVY TV-Channel 10

Yes, the above Air Jordan X's are fake and were unknowingly bought and given to SP as a present some years ago.

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