Saturday, March 29, 2008

Miami Dunkxchange Recap

I know a lot of you may think that the south is the home of variants, but I am here to show you different. Last weekend Miami had the exclusive pleasure to host the traveling sneaker extravaganza Dunkxchange. Of course since I am repping the bottom of the map I was in attendance with the rest of the crew. I ll let the pics do all the talking. Before I forget big shout out to Mr. Hypebeast on the pics he is always on his job! Thanks to Gary and Curtis for showin us love out here. All my sneaker heads reppin the bottom of the map! (JAYALLDAY, FILIMIKE, DEELAH, MARI-ANGEL, V, SNEAKER ROOM, MIAMI SOLE,LIKE MIKE CLOTHING, AND TO EVERYONE I FORGOT REPPIN THE DIRTY)

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