Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday afternoon Journey

Good afternoon Good people.... I decided today to share a short story with you. It has all the makings of a great tale about overcoming adversity and challenges. (with respect to kicks of course.....)

It All started back in November 2006..... I was given the chance to by Nike to go visit the Lebron Popup shop in NYC and to get a pair of the coveted Lebron IV China Editions in the Wooden Box. That day I was really ill, and had no intentions of making the drive from B-More to New York. So I thought about it for like 3 hours and finally decided to make this happen. Got in the ride, called a friend and we hit the road running. 
I made it to New York in record time and thankfully before the shop shut down for the night. I got my wristband so that I could purchase my shoes, grabbed some other goodies and then made my purchase. Once my size 15s were ensured, I started to look around the store I saw something that made me stand still for a good 5 minutes..... I saw 6 feet 6 inches of Fruity Pebbles in a clear plexiglass cylinder with a pair of some of the most interesting shoes I had ever seen at the bottom...... 
Those shoes, later dubbed the Fruity Pebbles by shoe collectors all across the world, and also labeled Family Size by Nike directly, caused me to be speechless.“family-size”-edition/

In fact I got right on the phone and called other people I knew and asked if they ever thought these would hit the market. I was told told no by many folks and decided that owning this pair was a dream that would never happen to be.

Fast forward a year later and the buzz around the community showed that some of were in fact found by collectors. To my dismay my size was never seen or heard from. I wear a size 14/15 and like my compatriots on OSD I suffer from BigFootitis...... I just about gave up hope. I would scour ebay looking for a glimpse of a big size and never saw one, I would call all the people I knew that collected and ask and was constantly reassured that no one had seen hide nor hair of this shoe in that size anywhere. So at that time I chalked these up to that unicorn in sky that I would never ever see except in pictures and I begrudgingly moved on.  

As the weather changed from moderate cold to moderate spring here in Baltimore I got some welcomed news that what I had been actively searching for the last 18 months had been located. I made the deal happen and a few days later those funny looking shoes showed up and are now in my possession. I cannot remember the last time a pair of shoes caused such an emotional reaction from me and I must say that it was well worth the wait.....


Time is Precious......



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