Saturday, March 01, 2008

A Tribute Air (jordan that is).

Last week marked the release of the third color way of the twenty third Nike Air Jordan. So here in south Florida my friends and I along with the help of a number of sponsors threw a celebration to honor a basketball legend...... Michael Jordan. Below you will see all of the hard work that went into this event and I hope that the attendees enjoyed it (it sure looked like they did). Check out the pics.

The line was THICK!

The ladies were repping hard!

The set up was amazing!

We even repped Jordan Motor Sports!

Everyone seemed to enjoy the event.

Ok now what we have been doing for a while now is what we call a sneaker battle. Now I know what some of you maybe thinking, oh that is wack, its tired, its old. Anyway we do ours a little diffrent. You dont win for the hottest shoes you win for what you know about the shoes, and you have to have them on you feet!

First Up '99 retro 4's

Next was OG Black 4's (from 1989!!!!)

Next were the 23's (this guy camped out for 5 days to get these!)

Last up was a friend of mine (Pee-Wee, he killed it!)

OG fire red 5's on his neck and these on his feet!

As the winner, Pee-wee walked away with a new pair of black 23's! (and the poster)

Here are some extra pics of the night.

I just want to give a big shout out to Mr. hypebeast for the pics (great job!), Filimike, The sponsors (Miami sole, Shoe gallery, Mr. R's, Like Mike Clothing,and Heavens Touch Carwash), V, Female Sneaker Fiend, JayALLDay, Dj Louie Arson, and last but not least MJ.

Knowledge Is Power


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