Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Black History Month & The Spirit Of Giving

Most times Black History Month comes and goes without even a mention in today's society. I too am guilty of forgetting the month that has been singled out to remember the sacrifices and achievements of those that came before me and those who have not yet made their place in not just Black History but American History as well. This year I was reminded of this by a friendly gesture of giving from one friend to another. Some may not know that every year Nike creates a sneaker to commemorate the rich history of African Americans. This year was no different. I would usually get a glimpse of each years shoe online and would soon forget about it when the next hot release popped up. By the virtue of friendship, I was given a pair of these shoes. At first, I only thought about the fact that I was getting a free pair of shoes (any sneaker heads wet dream) but upon arrival my thoughts were completely transformed. Inside the box was a letter from Larry Harper (Vice President for Nike's US regions) explaining the symbolism behind this year's shoe. As I read the letter, I realized that these were more than just a pair of shoes, they were a representation of African American history. To look at the shoe as just that would be a waste. The letter explains that each part of the shoe is a representation of our (African American) history. The letter goes on to explain that each year the shoes that are designed are GIVEN away to those people who "influence their community and contribute to the elevation of mankind". When I read that it finally hit me that these were not just a pair of "free" shoes, they are a representation of not only our history but our future as well. So I would just like to thank those who helped me to see what this gift really represents. THANK YOU!

Knowledge Is Power

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