Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Kevin Garnett to wear Adidas Team Signature Commander in NBA Finals

Well look what the cat dragged in and who finally stepped up their game for the NBA Finals!? Adidas is hitting Kevin Garnett off with an ill sneaker and one whose proceeds go to benefit the NBA Cares program in Boston.

KG will be wearing the Team Signature Commander throughout the Finals when the Celtics take on the Lakers, to commemorate the Celtics' quest for NBA supremecy. KG will wear a different pair of sneakers for each game, each displaying the game number, the Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy and a profile of KG's face.

Get your loose change ready and run to the nearest CoinStar change counter because you'll need $1,017 to buy a pair of these kicks. Word is that Adidas will make 8 pairs per game (this means that a total of 56 pairs may be floating around if the NBA Finals go seven games)and will be sold at, the TD Banknorth Garden Pro Shop and NBA Store in New York City.

While the official release for the Team Signature Commander is not due to be released until October 2008, sneakerheads have been buzzing about the sneakers worn by KG throughout the Eastern Conference Finals and Adidas decided to do something special and make a move now.

KG will also autograph one pair to be auctioned on after the Finals.


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