Thursday, May 29, 2008

OSD Sneaker Design Competition *RULES*

Here are the Contest Rules for the OSD Sneaker Design Competition:

  • This contest is only open to registered members of OSD with Valid Screen Names on
  • Registered Contestants were announced at the end of the show on 5/28/2008. No other contestants can now enter. Players have been announced!!!! If you missed it please don't email us to try to get in.
  • Contestants can submit a design(s) from any 1 of the four companies that allow you to make custom shoes. For Nike ID, you can design sneakers in the following 3 models (Air Max BW, Am 95, or a Dunk HIGH only). For Nike ID You can submit a design from all three models as part of your 4 submissions.
  • Each contestant can submit 4 designs MAXIMUM. (No more for ANY reason- If you submit more than 4 only the first 4 will be used)
  • The submitted designs must be original, not a re-creation of a design that already exists on the market, and created by the contestants only. Designs submitted on behalf of a contestant will NOT be accepted.
  • All designs must be submitted to: no later than Tuesday, June 10th, 2008 at 11:59 pm. Designs MUST BE submitted with the following in the subject line "OSD-Contest-Screen Name" (ex. OSD-Contest-Paper Chasr).
  • All of your submissions must be in 1 email, not separate emails for each design.
  • Winning Design will be announced on the Wednesday, June 18th episode of OSD.
  • The GRAND PRIZE is the winning design purchased for the creator, and a matching Tee from a soon to be determined T-shirt Company.

Here are the links to the sites you can use for this competition:

GOOOOOD L UUUUUCK !!!! OSD...That's not a rash!!!


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