Thursday, November 06, 2008

OSD: Ambassador Program

OSD wants you to represent your 'hood on what people are wearing and sneakers folks are looking forward to being released. Here's your opportunity to host your own Internet Sneaker Show with YOU as the star!!

OSD Ambassador Program Overview:

The OSD Ambassador Program (OSDAP) enlists sneaker personalities and enthusiasts from around the United States and the world to cover the sneaker-scene, from their perspective and on their community, all-the-while allowing their personality to shine through.

The video footage must be filmed (mini-DV or Hard Drive) and edited by the Ambassador, edited and featured on one or both OSD video channels— and

Why should YOU become an OSD Ambassador?

Because it's a great way to get you film career off the ground by documenting a topic that has far reaching interests.

Because what film-maker or reporter, new or old, wouldn’t want to submit content to their core audience knowing that it will be viewed and appreciated?

Because the OSD Ambassador Program allows you to connect with other like-minded people that are some of the sneaker culture’s premiere personalities and business people. Being an OSD Ambassador may assist you in creating other business ventures that may or may not be sneaker-related.

And last, but certainly not least, because everyone needs an outlet for expressing their love for sneakers. We’ve created it, so why not use it? If you don’t someone else will. Believe that!

For additional information:

Please contact Dee Wells at 508-579-2108 or send e-mail to


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