Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lebron a Dual Sport Athlete???

I am sure most of you have seen the new lebron ad where you are asked to brace yourself for January 18, 2009. Just like me you were asking yourself what is he going to do now. Well the good folks at http://nikelebron.net/ have some pics up that may have the answer to that question.

From the looks of it seems as though lebron is going to take a charge into the grid iron. There hasn't been a great dual sport athlete since "Neon" Deion "Prime time"Sanders or even Bo Jackson, but I think that this may be no more than a marketing ploy to get us to buy some lebron endorsed product.

I only say that because there are some key indicators in the pics that lead me to think that. I wont spoil the surprise but when have you seen a player with their first name on the back of a jersey(besides in the XFL) (and its Reebok at that)???????



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