Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Snitchin' Sneakers

You know the saying, "You can tell alot about a person by what they wear on their feet"? Well, it's so true and something that sneaker aficionados pay attention to "all day.....everyday".
Oftentimes, we walk around with our head turned downward not because we're lacking confidence, rather we're observing what people are wearing on their feet. The choice of footwear someone chooses in the morning says alot about how they think their day may play out.

Well, Rafael Castillo, 20-years old, of Norwalk, Connecticut chose to steal a SUV and take the vehicle for a little spin, while wearing a pair of Reebok sneakers. What he didn't know was that once he was being chased and had to jump out the ride and make a run from the police, his sneakers would be be the snitch.

Norwalk Police chased Rafael and noticed in the process that his footprints bore a Reebok logo. The police followed the Reebok-clad footprints to a chain link fence that separated two houses. There they found Rafael on the stairs. "He was trying to make himself invisible," Norwalk Police Lt. Paul Resnick said.

So, the next time you plan on committing a crime, pay special attention to your choice of footwear. They just might be the Snitch in your crew.

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