Friday, February 13, 2009

'Heads: Donate to Soles4Souls

I received this note from a friend out at LMU & decided to post it here on OSD.  Please donate some kicks and be sure to write a note to tell them you heard about it from OSD!

All eight West Coast Conference schools are currently collecting as many used pair of shoes as possible to donate to people in need.  Soles4Souls along with its many distribution partners are working “around the corner and around the world” to make a difference with the gift of shoes. They are presently working in over 45 states and 61 countries. See how your shoes could make a difference in our own back yard as well as globally.  For more information, please go to their website at
As of this week, Pepperdine is leading this
  competition with over 200 pair of shoes.  We are in last place with 10 shoes (all donated by Karina Handeland).  There is no way that we will let the RIPPLES of Pepperdine win this WCC competition.  It is time to show some LION PRIDE and beat those Malibu Barbie and Ken's back to their hilltop retreat!!! 

Please find as many pair of old shoes that are still in decent condition and drop them in one of the boxes located in the Gersten Pavilion lobby
  and the Malone Student Center .  Also, encourage your students to donate as well, to this very worthy cause.  We are currently in dead last and this is NOT ACCEPTABLE.  So lets all do our part and donate, donate, donate!!!  Thank you for your help and support. 

Deadline - February 23 

Matthew M. Casana

Coordinator, Student-Athlete Academic Services Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles, CA  90045



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