Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dallas Penn: Mr. Internets to you!

The Internet was created to make out lives easier, to share
information, and create new experiences. Yeah, VP Al Gore still runs
around saying he invented the Internet, but we know who the really
did, don't we?

Stepping into the media arena and taking the Internet by storm, Dallas
Penn kicked that door down, smashed every bottle in the joint and
bagged the hottest chick in the game! Y'all already know he is Mr.

Well, DP was in full effect mode last night at Sneaker Pimps NYC, and
he was in the cut deeper than rap.

Be sure to check out Dallas's website at and be
sure you look at his videos! If not for comedic relief, DP gives you
sneaker knowledge, which is what Dallas delivers, gauranteed!

As we say on OSD....Dallas Penn, Walk GOOD!

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