Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Case of the Bootlegged Bespoke...AGAIN!

The REAL BESPOKE is pictured ABOVE as tagged by Sneaker News

My good home skillet Pete from Premium Laces NY gave me the heads up that recently his recent Bespoke creation at Nike Sportswear has been listed for sale on Ebay at the price of $550. It was immediately shut down after the listing was put on alert by folks from all over. BUT, that was not enough for fake sneaker seller (GOT.SOLE on ebay). He chose to re-list the shoes AGAIN (talk about balls huh)? Sneaker News posted news of the bootleg listing yesterday at the same time that GOT.SOLE's entire list of items was put ON SMASH by the Ebay staff. Peep the NERVE of this "seller" (for lack of a better word) who actually post a comment in the Sneaker News post after being shut down...

June 24th, 2009 at 12:46 pm
fuck all yall my shoes are authenitc just casue the lighting was bad yall thikn shit is fake, lol have u ever seen a fake pair of these stupi ass just mad i wouldnt sell them to your fuck ass look at u, lol u callin your own shits fake, dumb fuck its impossible for this to be fake, i got more heat im my closet then u got in your microwave stupid fuck, aint no way in hell these fake i brought tem from mercer 21 personally wow u guys or fucking stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's cats like this that bring light to the darkside of our beloved sneaker culture. Be on guard for fake sneaker sellers like "Got.Sole". Not only will he try to rip you you can see above, He'll curse you out in eloquent fashion too!


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