Friday, July 31, 2009

Back to the Stash: Kangaroos Are Back With a 5th Pocket You Can Really Use.

Any sneaker lover who is 20 years plus in the game like I am would remember the "Kangaroo" effect. This sneaker brand originally dropped kicks in the early 80's that had a pocket bigger and more useful than the 5th pocket on your jeans. The shoe colors were basic but the appeal was truly in the special "stash" pouch (Like a Kangaroo's pouch) that was on the side of each sneaker.

I'm sure a lot of drug dealers and users alike can tell at least 1 story that details how these kicks kept them out of jail, or from the pain involved with an "ass-whopping" from hell by Ma dukes. Hell...these kicks were so hot in the streets when they dropped, I remember when my 5th grade classmate (what up G? wherever you are) got robbed for his joints (just like the model below) right in the school yard IN FRONT of teachers and classmates.

Well...They are back in a big way, and for a price LESS THAN when they orignally dropped with some news styles in tow. I was pleasantly surprised to see these kicks in abundance in NYC footwear spot Training Camp today. Not only was it a good look for the folks who remember them, but the price is definitely gonna give the brand some new life if they are in the right stores.

So look for these kicks in your hood anywhere around the country. For $30 they are most def worth having at least 1 pair in the closet.


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