Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sneaker Patience: Marshalls

Remember when your parents said, "Patience is a virtue."? Well, in
today's sneaker market if you're a savvy sneaker shopper you can find
some great deals at a number of sneaker spots such as Flight Club,
Premium Laces NY, Packer Shoes, Dr. Jay's, etc. One store that get
some heat rocks, but not alot of fan fare is Marshalls. Yes, that
Marshalls, the off-price retailer.

Peep the Nike Foamposite boots, which retailed for $225 available at a
Marshalls for $79.99. Too bad they're only available in size 9 & 9.5,
otherwise I would be copping a pair to beat this winter!

In the meantime, Walk GOOD & hit a Marshalls near you for a 'come up'
pair of kicks!

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