Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kicks: Nike Air Trainer 1

Whenever a new sneaker is released I go through a couple thought
processes: (1) Do I like the shoes?; (2) What are the technical
features of the shoes?, and (3) Are the shoes worth the retail price?

Well, when I saw the Nike Air Trainer 1s, in the classic grey, black
and green colorway, I said these shoes are "Fresh".

I almost ordered a pair from Eastbay because I knew better than to
search in vain for a pair in my 'hood, in my size 14.

So, on my recent trip to Beaverton, it paid off that I was patient and
I was able to pick-up these bad boys at the employee store.

Having worn them a couple times, I have to say that not only do the
Air Trainer 1s look "Fresh", but they are some of the most comfortable
sneakers, I've bought in a long time, fresh-out-the-box.

The sneakers are lightweight and the placement of the Flywire is just
enoughto let you know that it's there to keep the foot from over-

The Free-outsole makes for a great fit and works with your foot,
rather than some sneakers which seem to fight your feet and force them
into submission.

Suffice to say, I'm now hunting for the classic-colorway in a size

As we say on OSD, the hunt continues and, as always, Walk GOOD!

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