Friday, October 16, 2009

OSD Presents: "Just Blame Chad" The Sneaker World's 1st Official Sketch Comedy Show!

Finally, the sneaker world gets it's own OFFICIAL sketch comedy show thanks to the good folks at OSD. In partnership with 2-time emmy award winning production company A Milien Pictures Group "Just Blame Chad!" came to life. We took you behind the scenes in previous post right here on the OSD Blog, and now after a wild screening party on October 3rd in Brooklyn NYC, the show officially premiered on Wednesday, October 14th @ 11:30 PM EST on OSD TV. You will be amazed at what 1 Snuggie, a piece of twine, some baby powder, a camping tent, 2 fake gold chains, and 2 invisible dog leashes can turn into when a camera is rolling (LOL).

Special shout out to Geoff, Esco, and Damani of Flight Club NY, and to Chip Fu to showing folks who masters the flow! "Young Rappers Need Teachin!"

So just in case you missed the screening party, and the premiere you can now peep the episode RIGHT HERE!

Love it, Hate it either way let us know. Hit us up and let us know how you feel.



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