Friday, March 05, 2010

Future SOLE: A Dream Fulfilled On So Many Levels

Back in 2009 OSD was privileged enough to be a part of the Future Sole design competition created by our good homie DWayne Edwards Design Director for Jordan Brand. Having been exposed to the competition and knowing the vision that DWayne had in mind, we were full-fledged riders for him. With that said, it would be tough for anyone to deny the importance of the images of Future Sole Winner (Jordan) 17 year old Austin Jermacans dream being completely realized by not only winning the competition on the Jordan Brand side, but then actually having his winning sneaker (The Jordan Melo FSM6) produced and game worn by Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets as Austin sat courtside with his father and watched his sneaker in action to the tune of 30 points, 8 Rebounds, 5 Assists, 1 Block, and 2 Steals in what became a complete dismantling of Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010. If that's not enough for you...The sneaker will release to the public in June of this year!!!

After being there to see all 4 finalists do their presentations for their designs, it was honestly no easy job deciding who would be the winner for both Jordan Brand and Nike Basketball (Shout to Matt DeAlmeida). Truthfully, they all are winners and so are we! The FUTURE of the sneaker world is very secure. I really believe that!

In terms of witnessing the completion of the entire process for designing a sneaker with the purpose of having a top level athlete in his respective sport wear your design (as intended for him) is truly a proud moment for all folks around the world who love sneakers and work with them in ANY capapcity. Austin now has a new friend who plays for the Denver Nuggets who may very well be this year's NBA MVP as well.

Salute and congrats to Austin Jermacans, to DWayne Edwards, to all the past and present finalists, and EVERYONE who supports the Future Sole design competition.

To the kids who want to do this, and the parents who will encourage and support them, this years competition will begin soon! Keep visiting the web site for FUTURE SOLE

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