Wednesday, April 05, 2006


The lady Terps did it the old fashioned way- they did it their way. With old fashioned hustle, determination and not being afraid to pull a Terry Tate if necessary, the women from Maryland laid the smack down on Duke.

Shay Doron took a charge early in the second quarter and from there the game changed. One could tell the momentum had switched but the Terps were deep in the hole and were fighting for their life. Doron followed up the charge by hustling down the court and hitting a basket to cut the Duke lead to from 12 to 10. It didn't end there though. Doron became the bee in the beehive and bugged the shit out of Currie. With 3:33 to play and Duke holding onto a four-point lead, Doron made her move by chasing down Currie, stripping her of the ball, committing a foul and did her own rendition of Emmitt Smith going over the top of the pile by her landing in the camera row. She was wildin' but that was all heart.

The Terps are known for their hustle. There's nothing pretty about their game. It's all heart and hustle. Can you tell me in your right conscience that you respected their game all year long? No, I didn't think so.

So, as the Lady Terps made there way to center court in Boston, the only thought that came to mind was I can't wait to see the highlight reel because if anyone sees it in its raw form, they'd think their watching Ultimate Fighting or the WWE wrestling.

The Terps are here to stay and all the other teams better recognize! Stay UP!!!

Final Score in OT:
Terps 78
Blue Devils 75


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