Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007 is HERE!

It's officially the third day of January and 2007 is off to a great start. Nothing beats spending quality time with the family and then ringing in the New Year with family and friends who believe in all that you are.

This year, instead of boarding a plane and heading south to somewhere warm, I decided to stay in the Northeast and enjoy the warmer-than-usual weather in the Big Apple. When I say the BIG APPLE, that name conjures some good memories of my days troopin' around Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx and Queens. You see, I love New York and there is something infectious about the City. It truly is the "City that never sleeps". You can find anything you need in NYC- clothing, weed (heavier stuff too), liquor(beer), music and, of course, sneakers.

On the topic of sneakers, '07 looks like the retros will continue to flow, eventhough many of them are horrible versions and made of cheap and inferior materials. Many a pair of kicks are going to get the 'Trash' label from me and won't be purchased. Hasn't the game gotten a bit played out? Yes, it has but that's where individuality kicks in and you have to Keep it Funky!

I miss the old New York!


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