Wednesday, May 13, 2009

PF Flyers Astor: New for Summer 09 (July)

For those of you that know me, then you know for well over 2 decades my feet stay laced in only 4 brands mostly. If it wasn't Nike (which includes Jordan Brand), Adidas, Puma, or Converse then it probably wasn't me.

Lately, I've been far more adventurous in my footwear choices, so today's sneaker, WELL WORTHY of the discussion are from PF Flyers....Yes I said it, PF Flyers! Thanks to my homie Louis Colon (Kicksclusive Magazine) who now holds it down for the folks over at the "Posture Foundation" (that is what the PF in PF Flyers stands for- That much I DID know in advance).

Lou sent me the "Astor" model from the 2009 "Cloudbreak" Collection in black with a white mid sole, that features a white and Lime Green outsole. The sneaker screams "rock these right now"! It has 2 different types of leather which have very durable quality. Most notably the tumbled full grain Goat leather (Yes- I said Goat) looks very sturdy yet comfortable. The sneaker also features Italian beaded leather on the sides which gives the sneaker a "Lux" look. The sneakers have the world famous mid-sole to sole make up that PF Flyers are known for (Have you ever seen anyone wearing PF Flyers slip and fall?- I thought not).

The laces are waxed cotton which have become pretty favorable on certain Nike Air Force 1 releases as of late. They work very well on this sneaker. The sneaker has a strap which goes across the top of your feet, but in a very non-forceful yet stylish way. The strap is there, it works, but you don't feel it doing it's job. The padded tongue reminds me of the old bubble vests that made a come back this past winter. The bubble vest type design is also used on the back portion of the sneaker from the ankle down to the mid sole area. It works well on this sneaker.

Not that anyone will see it, but the insole was also stylishly designed. It forced me to give it a 2nd look so that I could appreciate the creativity that was put into it. It's a very nice touch.

THE JEAN FACTOR (or TJF) There are a lot of very stylish sneakers being released that look good in pictures or worn for the actual sport/activity that they were made for, but then the sneaker looks bad with jeans. The Astor was definitely designed with the jean factor (TJF) in mind. As pictured above, I had NO PROBLEM making this sneaker work with a pair of classic fit LRG jeans. I also made the sneaker work with a couple of other cuts of denim with ease.

So lastly, this sneaker is a very welcomed addition to my sneaker closet that I'm honest enough to admit was not on my radar for purchase prior to yesterday. Look out for it's release in July of 2009 where PF Flyers are currently sold. No word yet on the retail price. I hope to have an update soon.

Those of you who know the OSD Crew should not be surprised if an OSD version of this sneaker hits store shelves one day.


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