Sunday, May 17, 2009

What The F*ck Shoes! Downside of Free Enterprise

As identified by the zodiac sign, I (Sean "Paper Chasr" Williams) am a Capricorn. One of things well documented about us Capricorns is that we appreciate creative ways of "gettin' money". I personally applaud folks that create a new lane on an already crowded highway and roll straight past everyone at the speed of life. Having said that...I am completely annoyed with companies that make absolutely lame attempts to do the same. There ARE some things that companies should look at from the outside and appreciate the view, instead of wishing you were one of the things immortalized in the scenery. I mean, there's athletes, and there are fans of the sport. You know, the ones who buy season tickets to the games but not because they think they will get a chance to actually play (unless it's the L.A. Clippers).

"OK Pape, What is it this week?" you're asking...It's footwear companies (established, new, and let's give it a shot types) that put out blatant ripoffs or absolutely hideous sneakers and shoes that should have been killed before they were created! Those are the types of footwear I classify as What The F*ck shoes! So here are some examples of what I'm talking about. Feel free to share your opinions.... WALK GOOD!

Cadillac sneakers and shoes...REALLY GM? Was licensing the logo of one of the few cash cows you have left a way to avoid bankruptcy? This is worse than the CEO flying a private jet to D.C. asking for bailout money!!! (Maybe) Our tax money went to guys who make decisions like this America. The Shoes in the bottom of the 1st picture take aim at the old Bally shoe look. Clae Footwear also recently brought back this style of shoe (but I like Clae- Big ups dudes).

U.S. Polo Association Air Max 90(why?) Really guys...(that's all I can say)

Fila/Supra I guess this is Fila's way of telling Supra to watch your back! Get in line Fila..Levis Beat you to it!

Fila/Vans You too Vans...You're on Fila's Hit list (or Rip List if you will)!

And lastly, PUMA wanted in too! We can make crazy wack sneakers with the best of them! A Classic brand like Puma does not need to do this.


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