Monday, August 09, 2010

A Supposedly Quiet Trip To The Brooklyn Museum (No Sneaker Talk Dad..Please!)

This past Saturday was one that I (Paper Chasr) and my son are normally in a basketball gym or shooting hoops at one of our local parks working on his game. After all 8 year olds with a wicked left jumper need to stay sharp, BUT.. today would be a break from the norm. It's 1st Saturday. So what is 1st Saturday? It's the day where MEGA retail super store TARGET sponsors FREE.99 entry into the Brooklyn Musuem the 1st Saturday of every month. Figuring my son would get a rest from the stern looks from the sidelines as well as my usual shop talk about SNEAKERS..DUH the museum would be a great place to find refuge RIGHT?

WRONG, it became obvious my son would not escape sneaker talk right from the very minute we touched the NYC subway platform headed to the museum. If you didn't get a chance to peep OSD's Episode # 140 then you didn't get to hear us praise sneaker company K-Swiss for their genius new marketing campaign to promote their new "TUBE" running sneakers using Kenny Powers of HBO's Eastbound and Down. The viral videos are truly insane and we love it. Well, K-Swiss has also rolled out a new wave of the promotion on the subways and buses of NYC with more craziness from Kenny "Mutha fucking" Powers.

Here's what we saw on the platform headed to the Museum

So...Now that my son is listening (if you call it that) to me explain why I was laughing to almost tears and pulling out my cell phone to take a picture of the poster, even at 8 years old he knows aint over. Boy was he right! A stroll to the Museum Gift shop looking for a gift for one of his friends that has birthday coming up would seal this afternoon's fate...Guess what we happened to find the last copy of in the gift shop?

I've been looking for this coloring book ever since Sneaker Freaker Magazine hipped the sneaker world to it about 4 months ago. Truly a great find. I was most definitely a lot more excited about it than my son was. But he loved it once we got the book to the crib.

Here's what we saw on the platform catching the train headed home

For those of you who are wondering who Kenny Powers is and why K-Swiss chose him, do yourself a favor and get the season 1 DVD of HBO's EASTBOUND & DOWN quickly.


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